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[Harmony] Best text editor for editing scripts?


In ToonBoom Harmony you can edit scripts using the built in Script Editor, but it leaves a lot to be desired. For example, there's no search/replace, no line numbers, and it just feels.... wonky to edit in.

You can set an external editor for harmony:


Wondering what others have tried, and what they've found to be the best editor for it?

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Actually haven't use this setup - just loaded the scripts directly when working on them but I am a massive fan of VSCode, lightweight, easy to use, cross platform etc.


Thanks for this tip, will hook this up next time I am editing some scripts.

Edited by Andrei Nadin

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Thanks for chiming in @Andrei Nadin!  I've started using VSCode pretty exclusively now while working with Harmony scripts, and it's pretty nice. Definitely makes it easier to code!

One of the challenges I've been having scripting with Harmony is the fact that there are no hints as to what you want to do.  In Maya, Blender and other apps that have scripting, there's a console you can watch when you complete an action that will give you the command you're using.  Then you can jump to the docs and figure out more info. It makes it really simple to create scripts quickly to automate certain actions.

Harmony doesn't have that (as far as I can tell), which makes it much tougher to parse out what you want.  For example, I wanted to find out what the command was to jump to the previous keyframe in the timeline. For the life of me I couldn't figure it out! That is until I went to the actual xml that's used to create the buttons in the timeline:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 16.0 Premium\resources\menus.xml

and I found these entries:

   <item id="Go to Previous Keyframe" responder="timelineView, selection" shortcut="TL_GOTO_PREV_KEYFRAME" slot="onActionGoToPrevKeyFrame()" text="Go to Previous Keyframe" />
   <item id="Go to Next Keyframe" responder="timelineView, selection" shortcut="TL_GOTO_NEXT_KEYFRAME" slot="onActionGoToNextKeyFrame()" text="Go to Next Keyframe" />

and realized there was this onAction command that I hadn't found before. If there was a console that echoed these onAction commands, it would be a lot easier for folks to use the scripting tools. 🙂


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