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Jarom Brand

Maya get Attributes in channelbox


Does anyone know how to get a list of all the attributes that show up in the channelBox? I have something that works for transforms, but if I try it on shapes I get way more than I want. 


This is what I have so far:

import pymel.core as pm

def getChannelBoxAttrs(obj):
    Returns a list of all the visible attributes

    @param PyNode:          object              The ojects whoes attributes will be toggled
    @return list:           Returns a list of the attributes in the channelBox
    visible_attrs = []
    attribs = obj.listAttr(k=True, u=True)
    attribs.extend(obj.listAttr(k=True, l=True))

    #remove the parent transform attributes from the list
    parent_attrs = ['translate', 'rotate', 'scale']

    for attrib in attribs:
        if not attrib.attrName(longName=True) in parent_attrs:
    return visible_attrs

obj = pm.selected()[0]


If I have a  shape selected when I run this I will get this as a return:

# Result: [Attribute(u'nurbsCircleShape1.controlPoints[-1].xValue'),
 Attribute(u'nurbsCircleShape1.aiCurveShaderB')] #

Even though most of those don't actually show up in the channelBox. 

Also If anyone has a more elegant way of stripping out parent attributes, I'd love to see it. I never like hard coding things like that. 

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Hi @jarom,

Are you interested in just getting user defined attributes that are in the channel box?

In that case you could use:

obj.listAttr(k=True, ud=True)

where ud is for UserDefined - only new attributes that aren't part of the base object.

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Hey Jason,

What I would really like is to get both dynamic and non-dynamic attributes that show up in the channelbox. I guess I could check to see if the object is a shape or a transform, and if it's a shape, only look for the user defined attributes which would probably work 99.9% of the time since I always lock and hide all non-dynamic attributes on shapes when dealing with them. But the perfectionist in me really wants it to work as described:)


Thanks for the suggestion. I thought using the cb flag would do the same, but its leaving a bunch of them out. Not sure what that flag is actually doing. Ill have to dig into the mel scripts to find out. 

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