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Turbosquid introduces StemCell - Unified workflow for 3D Modeling

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Howdy folks,

Was digging around on turbosquid today and saw some information about Stemcell - a unified workflow for 3d models.


It seems centered on making it easier for artists to create a single model in their favorite app, and then stemcell will automatically convert it to all the appropriate formats.

This is a pretty cool idea - standards and common workflows are a major part of any valid pipeline. We have defined various best practices for models/rigs/workflows etc at every studio I've ever been at.

Turbosquid recommends a pretty solid workflow https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-modeling/stemcell/stemcell-3d-modeling-workflow/

One thing they recommend is unwrapping uvs while modeling - I've never worked this way, although it does seem to make sense. Would love to hear what other people think!


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I think it's a really good idea to have a flow where models and their respective textures can be adapted into other file formats provided a single set. It's something that I've wanted as a 3D artist for a long time, because while you can do the exporting and importing yourself, having an automated system for it makes more sense if you have a large number of things you want to modify. 

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