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Incredibles 2: Fleshier, stretchier flesh?

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This stuff is so exciting!  There's been a lot of great tech around skinning techniques and making this stuff faster.

Last summer I was hoping that this project would get off the ground for being able to do better skinning in Blender... but the student doing it got another gig. ?




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it would be interesting to see how the implicit skinning system (zewt) would perform if it were generalized a bit not to require a specifoc graphics card set up. also be interesting to see if it could just be used as a step in the process, where you could "capture" the improved deformations at joints and have a modern psd set-up "play" them back at runtime. i like  "capture" techniques like that, that allow you to use multiple deformation sources. 

+1 on the pixar article!.. hard to believe its been 14 years since we were craniking out incredibles characters for the first itme!

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