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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks! I've been spending a bit of time learning to use ToonBoom Harmony - we have a bunch of new customers coming online who are using it, so I figured I'd better get up to speed! Here's a first pass of him moving around & some of the controls. I'm using the two-point constraints to control his body and his ears. I really like the volume control there! Not thrilled with the results of his arms. There, I'm using the Curve mode of deforming. I thought it'd be nice and bendy..but when using it to animate I'm finding it tough to get exactly the feel I want. I'll probably switch to just using bones (like I am on the tail). I'm curious if any other Harmony users are here, and if you've got a good suggestion for leg ik? Robyn_Rig_v1.mp4
  2. Trying to figure out how to connect an arm to a 2-point-constraint without it squashing and stretching... anyone have any ideas?
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