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  1. Very cool stuff Mack!

    1. Mack Bo Ross

      Mack Bo Ross

      Thank you @Steve Shino appreciate that.

  2. Thanks Haley! I'll admit, I had a blast lighting all my shots! And I used Maya 2018's render layers and put it all back together in comp, which became an issue when background elements had to cross into the foreground, but luckily a friend of mine introduced me to the 'holdout' render stat, which changed everything!
  3. Thanks Jason! I can't wait for 2.8! I found Arnold pretty fun and easy to learn, for both lighting and rendering. Although, the renderview could get laggy at times and need reloading, as well as other minor oversights such as setting skydome camera visibility to 0 so it doesn't interfere with the render, and enabling Arnold renderview to read Maya lights. Overall it's a really easy renderer to pick up on if you aren't too familiar with the process and want quick results!
  4. Hey guys! I just wrapped up a short film that can be seen here! It was my first time playing with lighting in CG (Maya) and thought I'd make a topic on it! I heavily relied on the Light Linking functionality in order to isolate certain objects and cheat some lighting, here some stills as examples: The shots were rendered using Arnold, in the second one, I light-linked a blue-ish Skydome light to the flying robots to add some extra ambience and make them pop a bit, I think it adds a unique look! The centre character inside the 'bulb' was also given an added glow in After Effects by a friend of mine. Please feel free to ask any questions! (And yes, the characters were influenced by Cyanide and Happiness ;] )
  5. Hey everyone! My name's Stephanos (I also go by Steve, but half of my friends call me Stephanos or some variation of it so I don't really feel attached to one or the other!) and I used Nimble for our Sheridan co-op production last summer as a CG generalist and loved it. I've always been more of a drawing type but decided to delve into CG animation this year and took it upon myself to learn the pipeline and produce my 4th year sheridan film in 3D, here's a sample render: Arnold Test Shot from Stephanos Shino on Vimeo. and a compilation of personal work I've recently done: I'm all about learning new things and won't stop 'til my computer drops. Thanks for checkin' me out, and looking forward to posting some more in the future!
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