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  1. I definitely agree that the visual design is great but the limited frame rate pulls me out of the show a lot of the time. I understand their choice to limit it but it also seems like they are reconsidering how choppy it is, which I think will plus the show significantly if they go through with it. I hope they do keep it off 1s though, 2s feel like it would be smooth enough but when the show drops into 4s it becomes really stuttery and choppy. Would you think constraining the animation to purely 2s would help alleviate a ton of the choppiness.
  2. Hello everyone! Over the past couple of weeks, we've been updating the images and videos in the Nimble Knowledge Base and our training courses at Thinkific to match the updated user interface on Nimble Studio! While this process is still currently underway, most of the training and support material has been updated with the new look and workflow information, so come check it out! If you have any feedback, or a suggestion for a topic for a support article, feel free to email the CAST team at support@nimblecollective.com or shoot us a message using the chat on the platform!
  3. I ran into this article the other day and it's sparked a lot of conversation between some of my friends about animation quality: https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/27/17911292/the-dragon-prince-animation-netflix-improvement The animation in 'The Dragon Prince' certainly has a distinct style that tries to imitate stopmotion or older 2D animation, but I don't think that's necessarily bad. What do ya'll think of it?
  4. I always find kitchenware and objects from living rooms/spaces are most useful given how often they can be used in terms of what kind of shots are being made. Chairs, tables, cups, plates and the like.
  5. I think it's a really good idea to have a flow where models and their respective textures can be adapted into other file formats provided a single set. It's something that I've wanted as a 3D artist for a long time, because while you can do the exporting and importing yourself, having an automated system for it makes more sense if you have a large number of things you want to modify.
  6. I think the version that comes with AE can only export 2D tracking data, if you need the pro version of Mocha I think to get a 3D camera tracking FBX exported out.
  7. I'd almost definitely do any camera tracking in After Effects or Nuke. The base functionality for Camera Tracking in After Effects is pretty decent but it has a number of plugins as well like Mocha or Element 3D for After Effects. Mocha has a plugin that comes packaged directly with AE CC if you don't want to buy the stand-alone. I can't speak to Nuke's capabilities as much but maybe @haley can illuminate it some more.
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