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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to you all as well! Man, we have so many amazing things planned at Nimble this year. We can't WAIT to share it all with you guys. Plus, we'll be hitting events this year and hope to see some of you in person.
  2. I subscribe to the Just Write YouTube channel and thought he had a fantastic take on how CGI changed animation and how we tell stories.
  3. Barry

    Fortnite Anyone?

    I'm in! But don't expect me to be any good. Regular games, against NPCs and AI, I'm fine. Against real people, I'm a hot mess.
  4. Wonderful, short, and snappy animation about ...what else? How to make dinner. Designed by the immensely talented Naomi Bensen (www.naomibensen.com) and animated by Dylan Casano (www.dylancasano.com)
  5. Ha! Great caricature of a great character. Having read the books, I can't think of anyone else who could have played Trion better. ?
  6. Love the line weight on the second one. Which tablet are you using?
  7. Barry


    My name is Barry and I'm a Nimble employee. I work on the website, social accounts, and write blog posts and marketing materials. Outside of work I am a father and husband, enjoy hiking and the outdoors, and play an excessive amount of video games. I'm happy to meet you and look forward to seeing all the amazing work created on the platform. ?
  8. That is a great talk. I was always a fan of just actually adding those extra parts, it stretching an element. Hell, I replaced one of my boxer's arms with a torus during one or two frames of his punch arc in my student film.
  9. I thought they did such a great job on Peanuts. I think character silhouette also SUPER important when converting 2D characters to 3D.
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