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  1. Cool Steve! I love seeing what other people are doing with their lighting ? Light linking is extremely useful and is something I use all of the time! Did you render everything on a single layer, or did you render on separate layers and put it all back together in comp?
  2. Hey @Dylan Casano ! Glad you're on the forum! When Naomi gave you the Illustrations, were you able to bring them directly into After Effects, or did you have to rebuild them to work for animation?
  3. I love this piece! It has such a unique syle ?
  4. @Kathy McNeal I love these! He's so cute! Are you planning to do more Bobble drawings?
  5. Hey Brit! Have you tried averaging the normals in the area that's having the issue? Also, the first image above looks unsmoothed. Try smoothing it and rendering again!
  6. I haven't done any camera tracking in Nuke myself but I'll do some research and let you know what I find!
  7. haley

    Back to the Moon

    If you haven't seen it yet, today's Google Doodle celebrates filmmaker George Méliès. I recommend downloading the Google Spotlight Stories app and watching it in 360 degrees or VR to get the full effect. It's super cute! They make a ton of references to Méliès' work! Here's an article that Animation World Network wrote about the piece: https://www.awn.com/animationworld/back-moon-vr-doodle-celebrates-georges-m-li-s
  8. Changing the sharpness of the sphere would probably push it around in space! I made it slightly blurry so it doesn't look like it's on the focal plane above the tub.
  9. @Jason, it appears that the reflected light on the guy's jacket is bouncing off the surface of the water. It would absolutely make sense to add that to the sphere if the sphere were hovering over the tub. I was imagining the sphere was a bit closer to the camera ? In these exercises, I wasn't overly concerned with making the sphere look 3D. Mostly just trying to get the colors and light positioning correct. It would be a good idea to brush up on the ol' digital painting skills though!
  10. Sure, @Kathy McNeal! To start, I look for an object in the scene that's local color is white and sample the midtone of that object. That's what I use for the base of my sphere. In this case I'm sampling from the bathtub. I create a fresh layer and put a circle on that layer that is that midtone color. If I were to guess what color to start with, I probably would have selected something much brighter and the lighting of my sphere would have been incorrect. Next, I sample the highlight color of the white object and paint the highlight based on the light direction. I do this on a new layer that is above my base layer and set this to be a clipping mask. I find the light direction by looking at other objects in the scene. In this example, his pants and the edge of the bathtub clearly show where that key light is coming from. I repeat this process but for shadows this time. Again I'm sampling the color and looking for where the shadow should fall based on the scene. The bathtub clearly shows where the darkest part of the scene is. Finally, I look for any reflected light in the scene. You can see some on the edge of the bathtub on the screen left side of the image where the arrow is. I sampled that color and painted on the corresponding face of my sphere. There also seems to be some bounce light coming off the floor. This process is great for breaking apart lighting setups that can then be replicated in your own CG scenes! I love figuring out where the filmmakers placed their lights and why they made the decisions they made. I also love exploring the colors used and trying to get my sphere to look like it belongs in the world of the film. Here's what my layer setup looks like in case you're interested:
  11. Hi Torey! Welcome to the Nimble Community!

    1. Torey Butner

      Torey Butner

      Hi Haley!  Thanks! Super excited to join!

  12. @Jason I can teach you :)
  13. haley


    Hello! My name is Haley and I am also on the creator success team at Nimble Collective. My goal is to support artists and help them reach their creative goals! My area of expertise is in lighting, surfacing, compositing, and editing. I love creating animated content and telling stories through light and color. Here are some of the projects that I've worked on at Nimble Collective: I'm looking forward to meeting you all, hearing your feedback on the platform, and seeing some of the amazing artwork that you're working on!
  14. Recently I've been looking at stills from some of my favorite movies and trying to break down how the scenes were lit. To aid me in this process, I started painting spheres into the scenes. This exercise is extremely revealing. It helps me to understand where the lights are placed in the scene and what colors the lights are. Here are a few examples: Inception Black Swan La La Land The Aviator Unbroken
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