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  1. j.j.

    Goro Fujita

    This guy paints so beautifully. And the animation! Oy!
  2. Elastigirl might be getting even more elastic thanks to the new Pixar tech! Check out the article here... https://www.cartoonbrew.com/pixar/characters-incredibles-2-feel-fleshier-stretchier-157490.html
  3. Seriously love the design of every frame of this!
  4. https://zerply.com/r/29Fe39IM/tyrion-character-design
  5. Although I've worked primarily in animation, my training was in Illustration & these just blew me away. Hope you enjoy too! Rena posted these this morning on our internal Slack channel – thanks again Rena! (She's the master at finding truly inspiring stuff). Click on the link below to see more of this illustrator's fascinating work... https://brightside.me/creativity-art/a-japanese-artist-draws-feelings-that-everyone-encountered-but-couldnt-describe-447860/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organic&utm_campaign=fb_gr_brightside @avogado6 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/avogado6
  6. j.j.

    Enter Contests!

    And while you're at it,...why the heck not?
  7. j.j.

    Enter Contests!

    And while you're at it why not enter a contest in Stuttgart? If only because it will sound SO COOL if you pronounce it like a German. Say, "Yeah I won a thing in "Shtoot-gart." You are automatically = A zoopah kuhl https://www.itfs.de/en/branche/competitions/
  8. j.j.

    Enter Contests!

    100% of all contest winners report that they entered the contest they won. And 100% of those who have never won a contest reported never entering to begin with. True story. So,... do YOU have something worth showing off? I bet you do! Go for it! https://www.awn.com/news/2018-animago-awards-open-submissions JJ
  9. j.j.


    Howdy! I'm JJ and I'm a fellow Nimbler. My main focus is helping creators like you spend more time creating & less time messing with tech. I also make art on the platform, and specialize in tablet & pen support specifically for 2D work. My professional background is in 2D animation (Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Nickelodeon, MTV). I took some time off to stay home with kids & now I'm back in the animation universe and thrilled to see Nimble improve artist workflow across the whole industry. In my free time I'm a spouse, momma, and avid reader. I also LOVE to draw & try to do so every day! So excited to have a place where we can share our art, stories, and questions with other artists! So please feel free to drop me an email with any questions, requests, suggestions, and your favorite color (because hey, why not?) p.s. Pink!
  10. How do you take a 2D property and translate it into 3D whilst staying on model? Our very own Haley Kannall shared the following awesome tips with me that I wanted to share with you. How did they translate these Peanuts characters & environments... to these...? 1. @haleysays if you want to keep things CARTOONY use the squint test. If you can see the surface texture while squinting then it's too much. 2. Stick to the original character angles: left, right, up, down, and a 3/4 frontal view. 3. Animate on Two's. 4. Keep the lighting SIMPLE. 5. Use the same style & shape languages that the 2D uses. (see below) "Horton Hears a Who"
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