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  1. Hi Peter and yeah good call Hope everyone here has a great 2019
  2. Awesome @Jason very much looking forward to it - I'd love to help anyway I can - also very keen on all things Blender
  3. Hey @Jason sorry about the delay got busy I had another poke around and I don't think it would work as the type would still be Transformation, Drawing etc. When you hover over the port it does show a tooltip indicating what node the port goes to. Kind of helpful. https://learn.toonboom.com/modules/basic-effects2/topic/about-input-and-output-ports Might be worth adding to your Feature Request that maybe clicking on the node cycles between the port type and the port destination? At least the colour would still show the type.
  4. Hey, I'm Andrei. I am in Brisbane, AU and have been a game developer for 30+ years. Currently Game Manager at Gameloft. My skills and experience are eclectic having started as a Pixel Artist on the ZX Spectrum I have experience with art, code, animation and design on many games on many platforms even though normally I am officially in Producer type roles. I have also helped set up the Toon Boom pipeline/network for Studio Moshi in Melbourne. I am very interested in Nimble from a technology perspective, tools, pipeline - all of it!
  5. Had a quick poke around at this as I see your point but the node label is the type itself so assuming that your inputs there are connecting up to pegs, you'd have to create a custom peg with a new type of port with a custom name I think the node type is quite important as it you know that green is always a transform etc. not sure about this one perhaps it would be good if the ports could have optional tooltips or labels? Might be worth asking Toon Boom.
  6. Yeah it is a bit sucky, I've not found a way to get access to the API for autocomplete or anything so have relied on the two scripting pages https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-14/scripting/script/annotated.html https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-14/scripting/scriptmodule/annotated.html
  7. You can also try.. var a = parseFloat(1.00); var b = parseFloat(0.0113); var sum = a+b; Seems a little nicer.... <yuk>
  8. Actually haven't use this setup - just loaded the scripts directly when working on them but I am a massive fan of VSCode, lightweight, easy to use, cross platform etc. Thanks for this tip, will hook this up next time I am editing some scripts.
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