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  1. 3DEqualizer seems to be the one that "the big boys" use, but if you ask me that's not always the best reason to pick your tool of choice... Give SynthEyes a go. It's developed by a single person (Russ Andersson) who basically seems to have dedicated his life to tracking. The results are pretty amazing. I haven't used it myself in years, but there was an "auto" button in there that actually worked. It does object tracking now as well, and deformation tracking, and hierarchical tracking... Pretty amazing, seems I should look into it myself again... It also plays really nicely with other applications. Has a Python API, etc. Wouldn't be bad to have a tracking solution on the platform. Especially in VFX, having a track for every shot is pretty much a given now.
  2. Pieter

    Happy New Year!

    I probably should have made my first post in the introductions topic but the occasion seems just too good to pass up. Only happens once a year I hear! Happy 2019 to all!
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