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  1. It's very likely that you have all seen this already, but just in case: this dudes called MeindBender from sweden have some strong cartoony-plastiline looking style this was stuff from like 10 years ago. here is the rig breakdown: and then just a couple of months ago they released this: and here is the rig breakdown (i highly recommend you watch it till the end): and they've done a whole other bunch of stuff that are grea: https://vimeo.com/mindbender yes. that. ?
  2. that was totally lovely, kind of the stuff that buck does, love their work!
  3. Yes!, have you tried Animbot ? from alan camilo it has a tool to do that too (maybe would be something to consider having his tools available for maya animator would be totally a plus plus.) , crazily he managed to pull of a mirror tool that as far as ive used it, it works with any rig in maya, i just need now someone to code the missing tools from there for blender. Also blender if you create your increments with .000 at the end then it will respect that and go .001 .002 .003 , so even if not all is how you like it specially, its base conventions work really nicely when you manage to figure them out!
  4. Oh and a while ago, I made 2 posts about naming conventions in rigs in blender, because they decided to give you some naming conventions already for some things Explained briefly, whatever ends in .L .R .l .r _l _R _left _Left _Right _right, is considered left and right, but has to END in those conventions, but there are a lot of advantages, mirroring rig in edit mode, autonaming the other side if you made only one, symmetrizing the rig aswel, and then in posemode mirroring poses or animation, quickly invertin selection to the other side, or adding the other side to the selection. https://lollypopman.com/2016/02/23/quick-tip-naming-bones-left-and-right/ In the case of the second post, whatever is prefixed "ORG-", "MCH-" or "DEF-" will not get keyed unless you go manually key the transform attributes, so you can leave those bones untouched. https://lollypopman.com/2016/02/17/quick-tip-naming-bones/ Would be nice to be able to customize these behaviours, that's for sure, but I'm already glad they exist just knowing them helps so much.
  5. What if instead of having long and complex naming conventions we could have a tagging system?. say, "rig", "arm", "left", "deformation", etc, etc, and you'd have just the name of the object or body part and all those tags would help, finding, grouping, classifiying, hierarchying or so many other uses? I may be saying just BS, but who knows maybe there is something there.
  6. Hi guys! I'm Luciano, I'm originary from Chile, but I'm currently living in London, UK. I've worked in the animation field for 10 years but for 9 years at a very very very small scale, freelancing and working for tiny studios. Last year started working on first movie. you can see some work here: www.pintamonos.cl , my blog with stuff related to blender mainly but other varied things related to animation and general cg, and also now I have a guest writer that writes stuff related to lighting (he's very good, im going to have to up my game) >>> www.lollypopman.com and finally the stuff we do on tuesdays after animating all day, we just meetup go to a bar, and animate more: www.drunkanimators.tumblr.com I started beta testing the platform here in europe today, I hope i can be of some help ? Best,
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