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  1. Hi Kathy:

    What's new with you these days?



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    2. Kathy McNeal

      Kathy McNeal

      I agree with the addiction of film festival submissions. You get into a flow, and before you know it you've submitted to 10 different places in one sitting.

      I am in fact working at Nimble now. I'm working in QA part time to help test the platform to make it both user-ready and user-friendly. On the side I have 4 film ideas rattling in the back of my mind, more game concept seeds than I can count, and 1 VR game idea that I've started putting together art reference, game design ideas, and initial VR platform research. So many ideas - so little time.

    3. M Shiell

      M Shiell

      Well that's great news. What an excellent opportunity to be working with all of those talented and experienced folks at Nimble. Good luck with all your projects and keep creating!

    4. Kathy McNeal

      Kathy McNeal

      Thanks Mike! It most certainly is a wonderful opportunity to get to work around these pros and to learn as much as I can from them. A big good luck to you too with the film festivals! Let me know what festivals you get in to!

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